Carduus Kelseyi. Composite Family.

Stems: tall, striate. Leaves: alternate, linear, sinuately toothed. Flowers: heads in a leafy spike subtended by linear, cut, bristly-fringed, cobweb-hairy leaves. Fruit: pappus of long plumose bristles.

The stems of this Tall Thistle are very cobweb-woolly, and the leaves are toothed and fringed with weak spines, being green above and cobweb-hairy beneath. The cream-coloured flower heads grow several together in a leafy spike.

Cardus foliosus, or Leafy Thistle, has erect robust stems, and is very leafy up to the few somewhat woolly flower heads, which have a pale corolla with lobes equalling the throat. The leaves are elongated, toothed with rigid prickles and cobweb-woolly beneath.