Bulbs clustered on a short rootstock, narrowly ovoid, with a long neck. Stems: scape slender. Leaves: linear, channeled, or nearly flat. Flowers: umbel many-flowered, nodding, subtended by two short deciduous bracts; perianth segments ovate, acute; stamens and style exserted.

These clusters of tiny pink flowers, which grow on long slender stalks that bend over abruptly at the top are characteristically odorous, as may be readily understood, since allium is the Latin for "garlic." From ten to forty flowers form the umbel upon each stalk, and both the awl-shaped stamens and the style protrude far beyond the segments of the perianth.

The leaves are long and extremely narrow, in fact, grasslike, being channeled or flat and terminating either in a blunt or a fine point