Stems: strict, erect, branched above, densely leafy. Leaves: ascending, linear, entire or sometimes three-cleft, sessile, long-acuminate; bracts of the dense spike lanceolate. Flowers: in dense spikes, yellow; calyx tubular, with acute teeth; corolla-tube slender, the limb two-lipped, the upper lip ovate, obtuse, the lower lip saccate, three-toothed.

An uninteresting member of the numerous Figwort Family. It has dense, slender, erect spikes, covered with tiny leaves and bracts, and numerous bright yellow flowers. These flowers have a single upper lip and a three-toothed lower lip; they are very fragrant, and the large pouch and queer slender beak suggest the name of Pelican Flower. This plant is usually found in dry soil.