Stems: erect. Leaves: ovate, sessile, denticulate. Flowers: terminal; calyx ventricose-campanulate; corolla-tube cylindric, its limb bilabiate, the upper lip erect, two-lobed, the lower lip spreading, three-lobed.

A small plant bearing abnormally large quaint flowers, bright yellow in colour and usually spotted with brownish-red inside the corolla. The lower three-cleft lip is heavily bearded within by soft fine hairs, and so tiny are the little roundish leaves, and so slim the short stems, that the big bright blossoms appear rather top-heavy for so small a plant. Not actually growing in the water, but rather on those low marshy islands so frequently set in the middle of the alpine streams, you will find myriads of these Yellow Monkey-flowers nestling amid the mosses and reeds which spring up so luxuriantly between the stones by the river's brink.

Mimulns moschatus, or Musk Flower, is hairy and very sweet-smelling. The stems are creeping or ascending, and the slender branches are six to twelve inches high. The ovate pointed toothed short-stalked leaves are rounded at the base, and the bright yellow flowers, growing on a short stalk, have a funnel-form corolla with a spreading limb.

Mimnhis alpinus, or Alpine Monkey Flower, is a densely matted plant, perennial by stolons, and found growing at high altitudes. The leaves are oval, and the solitary yellow flowers terminate the short stems.