"The author combines botanical knowledge with an intimate acquaintance with the plants in situ; and this combination gives to his work an accuracy and precision which are lacking in many previous works on the subject." - Journal of Botany.

" There are many books which deal with the Flora of the Alps, and Mr. Thompson's volume ought to rank high among them. The author knows his subject at first hand." - Gardeners' Chronicle.

"The book ought to be a great help to amateur Alpine traveller-collectors, as it certainly will be to gardeners who have to do with Alpine plants." - Field.

"The short introductory chapters on the nature of Alpine plants, their culture, and collection for the herbarium are well done".


"Seldom is a botanical work more richly or more generously illustrated than this volume." - New York Times.

"Voici un beau et bon volume qui comble une lacune dans la litterature scientifique anglaise." - Le Monde des Plantes.

" C'est done une bonne ceuvre, en meme temps qu'une belle ceuvre, que M. Thompson vient de presenter au public. . . . Ce livre est le fruit de longes et consciencieuses etudes.'

Echo des Alpes. "English botanists who go in for field work on the Alps or indeed who are in any way interested in the study of Alpine flora, will congratulate themselves on Mr. Harold Thompson's valuable work".