British Birds In Their Haunts

By Rev. C. A. Johns, F.L.S.

Edited by J. A. Owen. With 64 full-page Coloured Plates (256 Figs.) by William Foster.

Flowers Of The Field

By Rev. C. A. Johns, F.L.S. New and Enlarged Edition with a special chapter on British Grasses. Edited by Clarence Elliott. With 96 Coloured Plates (268 Figs.) by Miss E. N. GWATKIN.

British Ferns And Their Varieties

By C. T. Druery, F.L.S.

With 40 Coloured Plates, numerous Cuts in the text, and 96 Plates of Nature-Prints.

British Fungi And Lichens

By George Massee, of the Kew Gardens. With 40 Coloured Plates by Miss Massee.

British Trees And Shrubs

Edited by E. T. Cook.

With 56 Coloured Plates and many other Illustrations.

British Butterflies And Moths

By Dr. W. E. Kirby.

With 70 Coloured Plates, containing Figures of all the larger Lepidoptera, many Caterpillars and Chrysalides, and the principal families of Microlepidoptera.

Round The Year With Nature

By W. J. Claxton.

With 24 Coloured Plates and many other Illustrations.

Alpine Plants Of Europe, With Cultural Hints

By H. Stuart Thompson, F.L.S. With 64 Coloured Plates (311 Figs.).

Illustrated Natural History Of The World

An entirely original work by Ernest Protheroe, F.Z.S. With 24 Coloured Plates and several hundred text Illustrations from Photos by W. S. Berridge, F.Z.S.


BY THE SAME AUTHOR Uniform in Size and Price with this Volume.

Alpine Plants Of Europe With Cultural Hints.