In Switzerland alone there are about 45 true ferns (excluding Botrychium, Ophioglossum, etc.), or just about the number to be found in the British Isles.

List of the Ferns and Fern Allies of Switzerland, based on the arrangement of Schinz and Keller:


Athyrium Filix foemina Roth. (Woods from the plain to the Alpine region).

------alpestre Rylands. (Alps, sub-Alps, and Jura).

Cystopteris fragilis Bernhardi. (Alps and sub-Alps).

Sub-sp.------regia Bernoulli. (Alps and sub-Alps).

------montana Desv. (Limestone Alps, sub-Alps, and Jura).

Dryopteris Phegopteris C. Christensen. (Woods, etc).

------Linnceana C. Christen. (Woods, etc).

------Robertiana C. Christen. (Limestone rocks, etc).

------Montana O. Kuntze. (Woods and pastures).

------Thelypteris A. Gray. (Peat bogs).

------Filix Mas Schott. (Woods).

------rigida Underwood. (Limestone screes).

------cristata A. Gray. (Peat bogs; rare).

------spinulosa O. Kuntze. (Woods and bogs).

Sub-sp.------dilatata C. Christen. (Woods and bogs).

------Lonchitis O. Kuntze. (Rocky slopes in Alps and sub-Alps.) ------aculeata O. Kuntze. (Mountain woods).

Sub-sp.------lobatum Schinz et Thellung. (Mountain woods).

Sub-sp.------angulare Schinz et Thellung. (Chestnut region).

------Braunii Underwood. (Very local).

Onoclea Struthiopteris Hoffm. (Rare; Tessin, etc.) Woodsia ilvensis Bab. (Rocks in Alps and sub-Alps).

Sub-sp.------rufidula Aschers. (Grisons, Tessin).

Sub-sp.------alpina Gray. (Very local).

BlechnuM Spicant With. (Pine forests and pastures.) Phyllitis Scolopendrium Newman. (Shady places.) Asplenium Ceterach L. (Rocks, walls, etc.) ------Jontanum Bernh. (Sub-alpine rocks; local).

Asplenium Trichomanes L. (Shady rocks and walls).

------viride Hudson. (Shady rocks and walls in Alps and sub-Alps.) ------septentrionale Hoffm. (Siliceous rocks).

------Adiantum nigrum L.

Sub-sp.------nigrum Heufler.

Sub-sp.------Onopteris Heufler.

Sub-Alps and lower mountains.

------germamcum weis. (Rare).

------Ruta-muraria L. (Rocks, walls, etc).

Pleridium aquilinum Kulm. (Woods, hedges, moors, etc.) Pteris cretica L. (In Tessin, near Locarno.) Allosorus crispus Bernh. (Granite Alps.) Adiantum Capillus Veneris L. (Damp rocks; rare.) Nothol&na Marantce R.Br. (Walls near Locarno in Tessin.) Gymnogramme leptophylla Desv. (In Tessin; rare.) Polypodium vulgare L. (Rocks, walls, on trees, etc.) Sub-sp.------serratum (Willd. (Tessin and the Rhone Valley).


Osmunda regalis L. (Marshes in trans-alpine Switzerland).


Ophioglossum vulgatum L. (Damp meadows; rare.) Botrychium simplex Hitchcock. (Engelberg, Chamonix).

------Lunaria L. (Alpine and sub-alpine pastures).

------ramosum Aschers. (Near Altorf, etc.; rare).

------lanceolatum Augstrom. (In Grisons).

------virginianum Sw. (In Grisons).

------Matricaria Spr. (Val Onsernone; Chamonix).


Marsilia quadrifolia L. (Bonfol, Villeneuve.) Pilularia globulifera L. (Very rare).


Equisetum sylvaticum L. (Woods in sub-Alps and Jura).

------pratense L. (Woods and pastures).

-----maximum Lam. (Damp, shady places).

------arvense L. (Fields, roadsides, etc.; common).

------palustre L. (Marshes and wet places).

------limosum L. (Lakes, marshes, etc).

------hiemale L. (Damp woods and marshes).

------ramosissimum Desf. (Sandy and stony places).

------variegatum Schleicher. (Sandy places).


Lycopodium Selago L. (Alps, sub-Alps, Jura).

------clavatum L. (Mountain and sub-alpine woods).

------annotinum L. (Mountain forests).

------inundatum L. (Peat bogs).

------complanatum L. (Forests, heaths, etc).

Sub-sp.------anceps Aschers. (N.E. Switzerland).

Sub-sp.------chamaecyparissus Doll. (Tessin, Grisons).

------alpinum L. (Alps and sub-Alps).


Selaginella selaginoides Link. (Alps and sub-Alps).

------helvetica Link. (Alps, sub-Alps, and rarely in the plains).


Isoetes echinosporum Durien. (Near Locarno, etc).


"This unrivalled series." - Daily Telegraph.