Cytisus Radiatus Koch

A small under-shrub about a foot high and much branched. Branches opposite or radiate, slender, truncate. Leaves shortly petioled, trifoliate; leaflets linear, spreading. Inflorescence terminal, in a 3-10 flowered head. Calyx silky, with almost equal segments. Standard and keel downy. Pod small, 5 mm. by 3, oval, with curved point.

Dry hills, rocks, pastures, and mountain woods; local. June, July.


Switzerland, only in Grisons and Valais (Montana), Hautes-Alpes and Basses-Alpes in France. Central and Southern Europe, as far east as Thessaly.

Cytisus Hirsutus L

A dwarf under-shrub, 1-2 feet high, and of stiff habit. Leaves 3-lobed, petioled, downy on both sides, turning black on being dried. Leaflets oboval. Flowers lateral, in leafy clusters on the old branches. Calyx tubular, with stellate hairs.

Hot hills, thickets, and rocky slopes. May to July.


Central and Southern Europe; Maritime Alps, Liguria, Tessin only in Switzerland. W. Asia.

It also turns rather black on being dried.

Several more species grow in the southern hills and lower mountains, e.g. C. sessilifolius L. (not Swiss), C. nigricans L., C. supinus L., and C. elongatus Waldst. et Kit. (not Swiss).

Ononis L. Rest-Harrow

Herbs or low undershrubs, with pinnately trifoliate or rarely simple leaves; leaflets generally toothed, stipules leafy; the flowers solitary on axillary peduncles, often forming leafy racemes. Calyx with 5 narrow segments. Standard large and striate. Keel ending in a pointed beak. Pod inflated, with few seeds.

A numerous genus chiefly from the Mediterranean region.

Ononis Rotundifolia L

Pubescent-glandular. Stem about a foot high, erect or ascending. Leaves large, trifoliate, petioled, with orbicular or oval toothed leaflets. Flowers rose-coloured, large, 2-3 on axillary peduncles, terminated by a mucro. Corolla twice as long as the calyx. Pod 25-30 mm. by 6-7, drooping, glandular, hairy, with 5-9 seeds.

Stony places in limestone mountains up to 5700 feet. May to August.


Eastern, Central, and Western Alps from France to Carinthia. Pyrenees and Spain.

Ononis Natrix L. (Plate XVI)

A robust very viscous plant, 1-2 feet high. Stem-leaves trifoliate, petioled; leaflets oboval or oblong, slightly toothed. Stipules oval-lanceolate. Flowers lemon-yellow streaked with red, large, in dense leafy heads. Lobes of calyx much longer than the tube. Pod 15-20 mm. by 2-4 mm., broadly linear, hairy.

Stony or sandy places from the plains up to about 5000 feet in the Swiss Alps; and sometimes, as in the Rhone Valley, so plentiful as to be mown for fodder.

It flowers from May to July, according to situation.


Central and Southern Europe, including most of France (Eastern Pyrenees at about 3000 feet), Western Asia, N. Africa.