Horse Chestnut. - This tree, when planted in a rich soil, grows to a largo size, and is beautiful in shape, foliage and flower; and, as it is not subject to destructive insects, is valuable for shade in streets, or for extensive ornamental grounds.

The Double-flowering Horse Chestnut grows to a large size, and is much like the common Horse Chestnut; but, when in bloom, presents a far more beautiful appearance, the flowers being so double as to resemble the Double Pink Hyacinth. The tree flowers when quite young, and is readily propagated by grafting on the common species.

AM. flava is a native of our western and south-western states, and is found growing to the height of eighty feet, and four feet in diameter; and has yellow flowers.

AE. glabra, or the Ohio Buckeye, is a tree with rough bark.

The Cut leaf, Variegated leaf, and other species and varieties of this tree, are suitable for streets, or the shrubbery. Some of them are shrubs, or small trees, - as AE. parviftora, Califor-nica, pavia, etc. AE. rubicunda is a very handsome species, with pink flowers.