Amygdalus, - the Greek name for the Almond. The species are fruit-trees, or ornamental trees and shrubs, much esteemed for the gay color and early appearance of their flowers.

A. Persica plena, - Double-flowering Peach, - is very beautiful in the shrubbery. The flowers are large and full, like small roses. There is a white and pink variety. Unless the trees are kept headed down, or pruned in well, they become straggling and unsightly. Particular attention should therefore be paid to this point.

A. pumila plena. - Double Dwarf Almond. - This is a beautiful dwarf shrub, loaded in the spring with its elegant flowers, resembling small roses. It is not inferior to any shrub whatever, when in blossom, and makes a fine appearance in the shrubbery; easily propagated by suckers.

A most beautiful way of growing it is by budding it upon the plum stock. In this way it is much more hardy than when grown on its own roots. Thus a magnificent head may be formed, at any distance from the ground that may be desired. The Double Peach may also be budded on plum stocks, and, properly pruned, will make a great show when in flower.