Calliopsis. - Elegant Coreopsis. - Of this showy and very common flower, a number of distinct and beautiful varieties have been produced.

C. marmorata has elegantly shaded, striped or mottled flowers, of rich brown and yellow.

C. nigra speciosa. - In shape and height similar to C. tine-toria, but the color is dark brown, almost black in the shade; but, in the sunshine, a brilliant brown crimson, like the richest velvet.

C. nana. - A beautiful dwarf variety, from six to ten inches high; flowers of the size of C. tinctoria, with various shades of brown and yellow.

C. bruneo. - A variety, with brown flowers.

Coreopsis coronata. - A beautiful new annual, with yellow flowers marked with brown.

All the varieties are highly ornamental, but prone to make themselves too common, by self-sowing.