The genus are mostly tropical plants, with elegant foliage from four to eight feet high.

Canna Indica, - or Indian Shot Plant. - This is the most common species, and succeeds well as an annual if the plants are started in a hot-bed. If the seeds are planted in pots, and plunged in the bed when it has its greatest heat, the plants will soon appear; and, if turned into the ground in June, will make large plants. In the green-house it is a perennial.

This is desirable, not only for the beauty of its spikes of scarlet flowers, but also for its elegant foliage, and particularly to the botanist, as it belongs to the small class Monandria, (one stamen,) which in this region furnishes but few examples.

There are many species in large collections, all handsome. It becomes a large plant before autumn, five or six feet high, with deep-green leaves, three feet long, and six inches in width; perfecting seed, which is round, black, and hard, having the appearance of large shot. It belongs to the natural order, Cannaoe, mostly tropical plants.