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--------------------------------------------------------------American Farmer's Encyclopedia,...$4 00

As a Book op Reference for the Farmer or Gardener, this

Work is superior to any other. It contains Reliable Information for the Cultivation of every variety of Field and Garden Crops the use of all kinds of Manures, descriptions and figures of American insects; and is, indeed, an Agricultural Library in itself, containing twelve hundred pages, octavo, and is illustrated by numerous engravings of Grasses, Grains, Animals, Implements, Insects, etc., etc. By Gouverneur Emerson of Pennsylvania.

American Weeds And Useful Plants,...1 50

An Illustrated Edition of Agricultural Botany; An Enumeration and Description of Weeds and Useful Plants which merit the notice or require the attention of American Agriculturists. By Wm. Darlington, M. D. Revised, with Additions, by George Thurber, Prof, of Mat. Med. and Botany in the New York College of Pharmacy. Illustrated with nearly 300 Figures, drawn expressly for this work.

Allen's (R. L.) American Farm Book,...1 00

Or a Compend of American Agriculture; being a Practical

Treatise on Soils, Manures, Draining. Irrigation, Grasses, Grain, Roots, Fruits, Cotton, Tobacco, Sugar Cane. Rice, and every Staple Product of the United States; with the best, methods of Planting, Cultivating and Preparation for Market. Illustrated with more than 100 engravings.

Allen's (R. L.) Diseases Of Domestic Animals, - - 75

Being a History and Description of the Horse, Mule, Cattle,

Sheep, Swine, Poultry and Farm Dogs, with Directions for their Management, Breeding, Crossing, Rearing, Feeding, and Preparation for a Profitable Market; also, their Diseases and Remedies, together with full Directions for the Management of the Dairy, and the comparative Economy and Advantages of Working Animals, - the Horse, Mule, Oxen, etc.

Allen's (L. F.) Rural Architecture,...1 25

Being a Complete Description of Farm Houses, Cottages and

Out Buildings, comprising Wood Houses, Workshops, Tool Houses, Carriage and Wagon Houses, Stables, Smoke and Ash Houses, Ice Houses, Apiaries or Bee Houses, Poultry Houses, Rabbitry, Dovecote, Piggery, Barns and Sheds for Cattle, etc., etc.; together with Lawns, Pleasure Grounds and Parks; the Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Garden; also, the best method of conducting water into Cattle Yards and Houses. Beautifully illustrated.

Allen (J. Fisk) On The Culture Of The Grape, - - 1 00

A Practical Treatise on the Culture and Treatment of the

Grape Vine, embracing its History, with Directions for its Treatment in the United States of America, in the Open Air and under Glass Structures, with and without Artificial Heat

2 Books published by A. O. Moore & Co.

American Architect, -----...6 00

Comprising Original Designs of Cheap Country and Village Residences, with Details, Specifications, Plans and Directions, and an Estimate of the Cost of each Design. By John W. Ritch, Architect. First and Second Series, 4to, bound in 1 vol.

American Florist's Guide,....75

Comprising the American Rose Culturist, and Every Lady her own Flower Gardener.

Barry's Fruit Garden,.....1 25

A Treatise. Intended to Explain and Illustrate the Physiology of Fruit Trees, the Theory and Practice of all Operations connected with the Propagation, Transplanting, Pruning and Training of Orchard and Garden Treers, as Standards, Dwarfs, Pyramids, Espalier, etc. The Laying out and Arranging different kinds of Orchards and Gardens, the selection of suitable varieties for different purposes and localities, Gathering and Preserving Fruits, Treatment of Diseases, Destruction of Insects, Description and Uses of Implements, etc. Illustrated with upwards of 150 Figures. By P. Barry, of the Mount Hope Nurseries, Rochester, N. Y.

Bement's (C. N.) Rabbit Fancier, ------- 50

A Treatise on the Breeding, Rearing, Feeding and General

Management of Rabbits, with Remarks upon their Diseases and Remedies, to which are added Full Directions for the Construction of Hutches, Babbitries, etc., together with Recipes for Cooking and Dressing for the Table. Beautifully illustrated.

BLAKE'S (REV. JOHN L.) FARMER AT HOME, - - - - 1 25 A Family Text Book for the Country; being a Cyclopedia of Agricultural Implements and Productions, and of the more important topics in Domestic Economy, Science and Literature, adapted to Rural Life. By Rev. JohN L. BlakE, D. D.

Boussingault's (J. B.) Rural Economy,...1 25

Or, Chemistry Applied to Agriculture; presenting Distinctly and in a Simple Manner the Principles of Farm Management, the Preservation and Use of Manures, the Nutrition and Fool of Animals, and the General Economy of Agriculture. The work is the fruit of a long life of study and experiment, and its perusal will aid the farmer greatly in obtaining a practical and scieutific knowledge of his profession.

Browne's American Bird Fancier,...25

The Breeding, Rearing, Feeding, Management and Peculiarities of Cage and House Birds. Illustrated . with engravings. BROWNE'S AMERICAN POULTRY YARD,...1 00

Comprising the Origin, History and Description of the

Different Breeds of Domestic Poultry, with Complete Directions for their Breeding, Crossing, Rearing, Fattening and Preparation for Market; including specific directions for Caponizing Fowls, and for the Treatment of the Principal Diseases to which they are Subject, drawn from authentic sources and personal observation. Illustrated with numerous engravings.

BROWNE'S (D. JAY) FIELD BOOK OF MANURES, - - - - 1 25 Or, American Muck Book; Treating of the Nature, Properties,

Sources, History and operations of all the Principal Fertilizers and Manures in Common Use, with specific directions for their Preservation and Application to the Soil and to Crops; drawn from authentic sources, actual experience and personal observation, as combined with the Leading Principles of Practical and Scientific Agriculture.