Bridgeman's (Thos.) Young Gardener's Assistant, - - 1 50

In Three Parts; Containing Catalogues of Garden and Flower

Seed, with Practical Directions under each head for the Cultivation of Cunary Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit Trees, the Grape Vine, etc. , to winch is added a Calendar to each part, showing the work necessary to be done in the various departments each month of the year. One volume octavo.


" " " " Cloth, 60

Books published by A. O. Moore & Co. 3

BRIDGEMAN'S FLORIST'S GUIDE, ----.- 1/2 Cloth, 50 " " "... Cloth, 60

BRIDGEMAN'S FRUIT CULTIVATOR'S MANUAL, - - 1/2Cloth, 50 " ' u Cloth, 60

Breck's Book Of Flowers,.... 1 00

IN WHICH are Described all the VariOus Hardy Herbaceous

Perennials, Annuals, Shrubs, Plants and Evergreen Trees, with Directions for their Cultivation.

Buist's (Robert) American Flower Garden Directory, 1 25

Containing Practical Directions for the Culture of Plants, in the Flower Garden, Hothouse, Greenhouse, Rooms or Parlor Windows, for every month in the Year; with a Description of the Plants most desirable in each, the nature of the Soil and situation best adapted to their Growth, the Proper Season for Transplanting, etc.; with Instructions for erecting a Hothouse, Greenhouse, and Laying out a Flower Garden; the whole adapted to either Large or Small Gardens, with Instructions for Preparing the Soil, Propagating, Planting, Pruning, Trainiug and Fruiting the Grape Vine.

Buist's (Robert) Family Kitchen Gardener, - - - 75

Containing Plain and Accurate Descriptions of all the

Different Species and Varieties of Culinary Vegetables, with their Botanical, English, French and German names, alphabetically arranged, with the Best Mode of Cultivating them in the Garden or under Glass; also Descriptions and Character of the most Select Fruits, their Management, Propagation, etc. By Robert Buist, author of the "American Flower Garden Directory," etc.

Chinese Sugar Cane And Sugar-Making, - - - - 25

Its History, Culture and Adaptation to the Soil, Climate, and Economy of the United States, with an Account of Various Processes of Manufacturing Sugar. Drawn from authentic Sources, by Charles F. Stansbury, A. M., late Commissioner at the Exhibition of all Nations at London.

Chorlton's Grape-Grower's Guide,...60

Intended Especially for the American Climate. Being; a

Practical Treatise on the Cultivation of the Grape Vine in each department of Hot-house, Cold Grapery, Retarding House and Out door Culture. With Plans for the con-struction of the Requisite Buildings, and giving the best methods for Heating the same. Every departmenl being fully illustrated. By WiLLIam CHorltos.

Cobbett's American Gardener,....50

A Treatise on the Situation, Soil and Laying-oUt of Gardens, and the Making and Managing of Hotbeds and Greenhouses, and on the Propagation and Cultivation of the several sorts of Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits and Flowers.

Cottage And Farm Bee-Keeper,....50

A Practical Work, by a Country Curate.

Cole's American Fruit Book,....50

Containing Directions for Raising, Propagating and ManagFruit Trees, Shrubs and Plants; with a Description of the Best Varieties of Fruit, hiding New and Valuable Kinds.

Cole's American Veterinarian,....50

Containing Diseases of Domestic Animals, their Causes, Symptoms and Remedies; with Rules for Restoring and Preserving Health by good manage-ment; also for Training and Breeding

Dadds American Cattle Doctor,....1 00

Containing the Necessary InFormation for Preserving the

Health and Diseases of Oxen, Cows, Sheep and Swine, with a Great Variety of Original Recipes and Valuable Information in reference to Farm and Dairy Management, whereby every Man can be his own Cattle Doctor. The principles taught in this work are, that all Medication shall be subservient to Nature - that all Medicines must be gauative in their operation, and administered with a view of aiding the vital powers, Instead of depressing, as heretofore, with the lancet or by poison. By G. H. Dadd, M. D, Veterinary practitioner.

4 Books published by A. O. Moore & Co.

Dadd's Modern Horse Doctor,....1 00

An American Book for American Farmers; Containing Practical Observations on the Causes, Nature and Treatment of Disease and Lameness of Horses, embracing the Most Recent and Approved Methods, according to an enlightened system of Veterinary Practice, for the Preservation and Restoration of Health. With illustrations.

DADD'S ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF THE HORSE, Plain, . 2 00 " " " " " Colored Plates, 4 00

With Anatomical and Questional Illustrations; Containing, also, a Series of Examinations on Equine Anatomy and Philosophy, with Instructions in reference to Dissection and the mode of making Anatomical Preparations; to which is added a Glossary of Veterinary Technicalities, Toxicological Chart, and Dictionary of Veterinary Science.

DANA'S MUCK MANUAL, FOR THE USE OF FARMERS, - - 1 00 A Treatise on the Physical and Chemical Properties of Soils and Chemistry of Manures; including, also, the subject of Composts, Artificial Manures and Irrigation. A new edition, with a Chapter on Bones and Superphosphates.

Dana's Prize Essay On Manures,...25

Submitted to the Trustees of the Massachusetts Society for

Promoting Agriculture, for their Premium. By Samuel H. Dana.

DOMESTIC AND ORNAMENTAL POULTRY, Plain Plates, . - - 1 00 " " " Colored Plates, _ - 2 00

A Treatise on the History and Management of Ornamental and Domestic Poultry. By Rev. Edmund Saul Dixon, A. M., with large additions by J. J. Kerr, M. D. Illustrated with sixty-five Original Portraits, engraved expressly for this work. Fourth edition, revised.

Downlng's (A. J.) Landscape Gardening,...3 50

Revised, Enlarged and Newly Illustrated, by Henry Winthrop Sargent. This Great Work, which has accomplished so much in elevating the American Taste for Rural Improvements, is now rendered doubly interesting and valuable by the experience of all the Prominent Cultivators of Ornamental Trees in the United States, and by the descriptions of American Places, Private Residences, Central Park, New York, Llewellyn Park, New Jersey, and a full account of the Newer Deciduous and Evergreen Trees and Shrubs. The illustrations of this edition consist of seven superb steel plate engravings, by Smillie, HINSHELWOOD, DUTHIE and others; besides one hundred engravings on wood and stone, of the best American Residences and Parks, with Portraits of many New or Remarkable Trees and Shrubs.