Downing's (A. J.) Rural Essays,....3 00

On Horticulture, Landscape Gardening, Rural Architecture,

Trees, Agriculture, Fruit, with his Letters from England. Edited, with a Memoir of the Author, by George Wm. Curtis, and a Letter to his Friends, by Frederika Bremer, and an elegant Steel Portrait of the Author.

Eastwood (B.) On The Cultivation Of The Cranberry, 50

With a Description of the Best Varieties. By B. Eastwood,

"" Septimus," of the New York Tribune. Illustrated.

Elliott's Western Fruit Book,....1 25

A New Edition of this Work, Thoroughly Revised. Embracing all the Now and Valuable Fruits, with the Latest Improvements in their Cultivation, up to January, 1859. especially adapted to the wants of Western Fruit Growers . full of excellent illustrations. By F. R. Elliott, Pomologist, late of Cleveland, Ohio, now of St. Louis.

Every Lady Her Own Flower Gardener, .. - 50

Addressed to the Industrious and Economical only; containing simple and practical Directions for Cultivating Plants and Flowers; also, Hints for the Management of Flowers in Rooms, with brief Botanical Descriptions of Plants and Flowers. The whole in plain and simple language. By LouISa Johnson.

Books published by A. O. Moore & Co. 5

Farm Drainage,......1 00

The Principles, Processes and Effects of Draining Land, with Stones, Wood, Drain-plows, Open Ditches, and especially with files; including Tables of Rainfall, Evaporation, Filtration, Excavation, capacity of Pipes, cost and number to the acre. With more than 100 illustrations. By the Hon. Henry F. French, of New Hampshire.

Fessenden's (T. G.) American Kitchen Gardener, - - 50

Containing Directions for the Cultivation of Vegetables and

Garden Fruits. Cloth.

FESSENDEN'S COMPLETE FARMER AND AMERICAN GARDENER, 1 25 RURAL Economist and New American Gardener; Containing a Compendious Epitome of the most Important Branches of Agriculture and Rural Economy; with Practical Directions on the Cultivation of Fruits and Vegetables, including Landscape and Ornamental Gardening. By Thomas G. FESSEnden. 2 vols, in 1.

Field's Pear Culture,.....1 00

The Pear Garden; or, a Treatise on the Propagation and

Cultivation of the Pear Tree, with Instructions for its Management from the Seedling to the Bearing Tree. By Thomas W. Field.

Fish Culture,......100

A Treatise on the Artificial Propagation of Fish, and the

Construction of Bonds, with the Description and Habitsof such kinds of Fish as are most suitable for Pisciculture. By Theodatus Garlick, M. D., Vice-President of the Cleveland Academy of Nat. Science.

Flint On Grasses,....- - - - 1 25

A Practical Treatise on Grasses and Forage Plants; Comprising their Natural History, Comparative Nutritive Value, Methods of Cultivation, Cutting, Curing and the Management of Grass Lands. By Charles L. Flint, A. M., Secretary of the Mass. State Board of Agriculture.

Guen0n On Milch Cows, .....60

A Treatise on Milch Cows, whereby the Quality and Qnantity of

Milk which any Cow will give may be accurately determined by observing Natural Marks or External Indications alone; the length of time she will continue to give Milk, &e.,etc. By M. Francis GUENON, of Libourne, France. Translated by NICHOLAS B. Trist, Esq.; with Introduction, Remarks and Observations on the Cow and the Dairy, by John S. Skinner. Mustrated with numerous Engravings. Neatly done up in paper covers, 37 cts.

Herbert's Hints To Horse-Keepers, ------ 1 25

Complete Manual for Horsemen; Embracing :

How to Breed a Horse. How to Physio a Horse.

How to Buy a Horse. (Allopathy and Homoeopathy

How to Break a Horse. How to Groom a Horse.

How to Use a Horse. How to Drive a Horse.

How to Feed a Horse. How to Ride a Horse.

And Chapters on Mules and Ponies. By the late Henry William Herbert (Frank Forrester); with additions, including Rarey's Method of Horse Taming, and Baucher'8 System of Horsemanship; also, giving directions for the Selection and Care of Carriages and Harness of every description, from the City "Turn Out" to the Farmer's " Gear," and a Biography of the eccentric Author. Mustrated throughout.

Hooper's Dog And Gun,.....50

A Few Loose Chapters on Shooting, among which will be found some Anecdotes and Incidents; also Instructions for Dog Breaking, and interesting letters from Sportsmen. By A Bad Shot.

Hyde's Chinese Sugar Cane,....25

Containing its History, Mode of Culture, Manufacture op the Sugar, etc.; with Reports of its success in different parts of the United States.

6 Books published by A. O. Moore & Co.

Johnston's (James F. W.) Agricultural Chemistry, - 1 25

Lectures on the Application of Chemistry and Geology to

Agriculture. New Edition, with an Appendix, containing the Author's Experiments in Practical Agriculture.

Johnstons (J. F. W.) Elements Of Agriculttural Chemistry And Geology,....1 00

With a Complete Analytical and Alphabetical Index, and an

American Preface. By Hon. Simox BRown, Editor of the "New England Farmer."

Johnston's (J. F. W) Catechism Of Agricultural Chemistry And Geology, -....25

By James F. W. Johnston, Honorary Member of the Royal

Agricultural Society of England, and author of " Lectures on Agricultural Chemistry and Geology." With an Introduction by JoHN Pitkix Nortox, M. A., late Professor of Scientific Agriculture in Yale College. With Notes and Additions by the Author, prepared expressly for this edition, and an Appendix compiled by the Superintendent of Education in Nova Scotia. Adapted to the use of Schools.

LANGSTROTH (REV. L. L.) ON THE HIVE AND HONEY BEE, - 1 25 A Practical Treatise on the Hive and Honey Bee, Third edition, enlarged and illustrated with numerous engravings. This Work is, without a doubt, the best work on the Bee published in any language, whether we consider its scientific accuracy, the practical instructions it contains, or the beauty and completeness of its illustrations.