LEUCHARS' HOW TO BULLD AND VENTILATE HOTHOUSES, - 1 25 A Practical Treatise on the Construction, Heating and

Ventilation of Hothouses, including Conservatories, Greenhouses. Graperies and other kinds of Horticultural Structures; with Practical Directions for their Management, in regard to Light, Heat and Air. Illustrated with numerous engravings. By P. B. LEUchars. Garden Architect.

Liebig's (Justus) Familiar Lectures On Chemistry, - 60

And its relation to Commerce, Physiology, and Agriculture.

Edited by JohN GardEner, M. D.,

Llnsley's Morgan Horses,....1 00

A Premium Essay on the Origin, History, and Characteristics of this remarkable American Breed of Horses; tracing the Pedigree from the original Justin Morgan, through the most noted of his progeny, down to the present time. With numerous portraits. To which are added Hints for Breeding, Breaking and General Use and Management of Horses, with practical Directions for Training them for Exhibition at Agricultural Fairs. By D. C. LiNsley, Editor of the American Stock Journal.

Moore's Rural Hand Books, - - -...1 25

First Series, containing Treatises on The Horse, The Fests of the Farm,

THE Hog, Domestic Fowls, and

The Honey Bee, The Cow.

Second Series, containing - - 1 25

EvERy Lady her own Flower Gardener, Essay on Manures, ELEments of Agriculture, American Kitchen Gardener,

Bird Fancier, American Rose Culturist.

Third Series, containing - - 1 25

Miles on the Horse's Foot, Vine-Dresser's Manual,

The Rabbit Fancier, Bee-Keeper's Chart,

Weeks on Bees, Chemistry Made Easy.

Fourth Series, containing - - - 1 25

Persoz on the Vine, Hooper's Dog and Gun,

Liekbig's Familiar Letters, Skillful Housewife,

Browne's Memoirs of Indian Corn.

Boohs published by A. O. Moore & Co. 7

Miner's Bee-Keeper's Manual, ---- 100

Being a Practical Treatise on the History and Domestic

Economy of the Honey Bee, embraciug a Full Illustration of the whole subject, with the Most Approved Methods of Managing this Insect, through every branch of its Culture; the result of many years' experience. Illustrated with many engravings By T. B. Miner.

Miles On The Horse's Foot And How To Keep It Sound, 50

With Cuts, Illustrating the Anatomy of the Foot, and contain-ing valuable Hints on Shoeing and Stable Management, in Health and in Disease. By Wm. Milks.

MILBURN ON THE COW AND DAIRY HUSBANDRY, - - - 25 By M. M. Milburn, and revised by H. D. Richardson and Ambrose

Stevens. With illustrations.

Munns (B.) Practical Land Drainer,...50

Being a Treatise on Draining Land, in which the Most Ap-proved Systems of Drainage are Explained, and their Differences and Comparative Merits Discussed; with full Directions for the Cutting and Making of Drains, with Remarks upon the various materials of which they may be constructed. With many illustrations. By B. Munn, Landscape Gardener.

NASH'S (J. A.) PROGRESSIVE FARMER, - - - - - 60 A Scientific Treatise on Agricultural Chemistry, the Geology of Agriculture, on Plants and Animals, Manures and Soils, applied to Practical Agriculture; with a Catechism of Scientific and Practical Agriculture. By J. A. Nash.

Nelll's Practical Fruit, Flower And Kitchen Gardener's Companion,.....100

With a Calendar. By Patrick Neill, Secretary of the Royal

Caledonian Horticultural Society. Adapted to the United States from the fourth edition, revised and improved by the Author. Edited by G. Emerson, M. D., Editor of "The American Farmer's Encyclopedia." With Notes and Additions by R. G. Pardee, author of " Manual of the Strawberry Culture." With illustrations.

Norton's (John P.) Elements Of Scientific Agriculture, 60

Or, the Connection between Science and the Art of Practical

Farming. Prize Essay of the New York State Agricultural Society. By John P. Norton, m. A., Professor of Scientific Agriculture in Yale College. Adapted to the use of Schools.

Olcott's Sorgho And Imphee, The Chinese And African. Sugar Canes, .....100

A Complete Treatise upon their Origin and Varieties, Culture and Uses, their value as a Forage Crop, and Directions for making Sugar, Molasses, Alcohol, Sparkling and Still Wines, Beer, Cider, Vinegar, Paper, Starch and Dye Stuffs. Fully illustrated with Drawings of Approved Machinery; with an Appendix by Leonard Wray, of Caffraria, and a Description of his Patented Process of Crystallizing the Juico of the Imphee; with the Latest American Experiments. By Henry S. Olcott.

Pardee (R. G.) On Strawberry Culture,...60

A Complete Manual for the Cultivation of the Strawberry; with a Description of the Best Varieties.

Also notices of the Raspberry, Blackberry, Currant, Gooseberry and Grape; with Directions for their Cultivation, and the Selection of the Best Varieties. "Every process here recommended has been proved, the plans of others tried, and the result is here given." With a Valuable Appendix, containing the observations and experience of some of the most successful cultivators of these fruits in our country.

PEDDERS' (JAMES) FARMERS' LAND MEASURER, - - - - 50 Or Pocket Companion; Showing- at one view the Contents of any Piece of Land, from Dimensions taken in Yards. With a Set of Useful Agricultural Tables

8 Hooks published by A. O. Moore & Co.

Persoz' Culture Of The Vine,.... 25

A New PROCESS for the Culture of the Vine, by Persoz, ProSchool of Pharmacy of the same city. Translated by J. O'C Barclay, Surgeon U.S.N

Phelps' Bee Keeper's Chart,....25

Being a Brief Practical Treatise on the Instinct, Habits and

Management of the Honey Bee, in all its various branches, the result of many years experience, whereby the author has been enabled to divest the subject of much that has been considered mysterious and difficult to overcome, and render it mure sure, protitable and interesting to every one, than it has heretofore been. By EW. PHELPS.