Chrysanthemum indica. - Ample directions have been given, at page 101, for the cultivation of this beautiful class of flowers. When these directions were given, the new race of Pompone Chrysanthemums was hardly known in this country, but it is now becoming common in most collections. They were introduced, by Mr. Fortune, from China into England, in 1847; since that time the varieties have been greatly multiplied and improved by French florists, from seed. Their dwarfy and bushy habits, dense and small foliage, daisy-like flowers, produced in profusion, with the neatness of the button ranunculus 'flowers, render them well adapted for decorative effect in sitting-rooms and lower stages of conservatories, by their gay and unique appearance. They succeed well, also, in the garden, if placed in sheltered, warm situations. The colors are very brilliant, particularly the yellow, orange, and some of the red varieties.

The varieties sport into every conceivable color, and combinations of colors, excepting blue and scarlet.

This variety is sometimes called the Button and sometimes the Miniature Chrysanthemum.