Delphinium Breckii, or Breck's Seedling Delphinium, a perennial Larkspur, No. 1, is, without doubt, one of the finest and-most desirable of the hardy herbaceous plants. It has the good property of a continuous bloom from June to October. The flowers are double; a dazzling blue color; the plant very hardy.

There is no blue flower which produces such a brilliant effect, when planted in masses, as this. It is more dwarfing in its habits than D. Chinensis or Sinensis - growing about two feet high, the stems not so flexible, and the color much finer. It is a hybrid, probably between D. Sinensis and grandiflora. As it does not produce seeds, the only mode of propagation is by roots or cut tings.

The annual Larkspur is sold in three distinct classes, viz. Delphinium consolida, or Branching Larkspur; Delphiniun. xjacis, dwarf; and D. ajacis, tall; there are about eight distinct varieties of each, viz., blue, purple, pearl color, white, rose, striped, etc.