Dielytra spectabilis. - Showy Dielytra. - This is the finest herbaceous perennial in cultivation. A native of China; a plant of neat dwarf habit when grown in pots, and about two feet high when grown in the ground. In either, it is one of the most striking objects in the whole range of floral attraction. The foliage is of a light transparent green; the flowers, which are produced on stems in sprays, are of a bright rose pink, about the size of a lozenge, and of a heart shape; the corolla pearly white, set in frosted silver; the stalks are literally gemmed, by hundreds, with these beautiful flowers. To cultivate it in perfection, it must have a season of frost; let those for blooming in winter, be taken up early in October and potted, then place them in a cold frame, and let the weather act on them till after Christmas; then remove the pots in-doors; will flower in March. It is well to fill the frame, in autumn, with decayed leaves, in which plunge the pots to the rims. For out-door culture, for which it is eminently calculated, it needs not the slightest protection; will endure the cold of Canada, and come up in April, and flower splendidly in May; can be divided either in fall or spring. Grown in clumps, on a favored part of the garden, shows to a great advantage.