This is an elegant tribe of plants, and very curious in their structure. The petals range themselves on the upper side, and the stamens and pistil are protruded a considerable length on slender filaments, forming beautiful airy groups.

Cleome grandiflora is one of the most showy of the genus. It is easily raised from seed, when planted in the open ground, in April or May, and blooms abundantly from July to September; grows from three to four feet high. Its spikes, continually increasing in length, are always surmounted with a crest of beautiful buds and flowers, which are of a pale pink-purple. It is beautiful in the garden, but withers very quickly when cut.

C. pentaphylla. - This is also a handsome annual, of the same habit of the last; about two or three feet high; the flowers pure white; the odor of the plant is most offensive.

C. spinosa is a spiny plant, which grows about four feet high, and bears a spike of beautiful white (sometimes pinkish) flowers. All the species flourish in any common garden soil.

However beautiful and curious these plants may be, and desirable for show, they are repulsive to the smell and unpleas-ant to the touch, and, therefore, will not be favorites.