Coboe scandens. - Mexican Climbing Cobae. - This is the most rapid green-house plant known, having been found to grow two hundred feet in one summer, in a conservatory. It is a perennial, but will not stand the winter, and, unless cultivated in a green-house, is classed with tender annuals. It flourishes well in the open air, especially if it is first started in a hot-bed, in a pot, and turned into the ground in June. I have found it to continue blooming after a number of moderate frosts. The flowers are large, purple, and bell-shaped. The foliage is handsome, and the tendrils, which are fine and silky, will attach themselves to anything within reach, even a cobweb. If located in a warm place, it will cover a large space before it is destroyed by the frost. It can he raised by cuttings, but is rather difficult to keep through the winter.