The genus was named by Thunberg, in compliment to John Deutz, one of the senators of Amsterdam, a patron of botany, and one of the promoters of the voyage of the former to Japan.

The genus is nearly related to Philadelphus. A very elegant shrub, native of Japan and China, and introduced from the latter country a few years ago, by Mr. Reeves, to whom our gardens are indebted for many other equally interesting plants from the same quarter. It is a plant of easy culture, being sufficiently hardy to endure our winters in the open air, and easily increased both by cuttings and layers.

During the early part of summer, the Deutzia is covered by a profusion of white blossoms, which are highly fragrant. The rough leaves of the plant, Thunberg informs us, are employed by the Japanese cabinet-makers for polishing wood, in the manner that the stems of the Equisetum hyemale are with us.