Daphne mazereon is a handsome shrub; the flowers come out before the leaves, early in the spring; they grow in clusters, all round the shoots of the former year,

"Though leafless, well attired, and thick beset With blushing wreaths, investing every spray."

The flowers are succeeded by brilliant-scarlet berries, which are said to be a powerful poison. Another variety, with white flowers, has yellow berries. This shrub is in bloom early in April. It is sweet-scented; and, where there are many together, they will perfume the air to a considerable distance. The best time for transplanting is in the autumn; because, as it begins to vegetate early in the spring, it should not then be disturbed. It thrives best in a dry soil; if it has too much wet, it becomes mossy, and stinted in growth, and produces fewer flowers.