A genus of ornamental trees and shrubs, of which the Laburnums are generally well known as highly ornamental.

Cytisus laburnum. - Golden Chain. - A tall and elegant shrub, or low tree, which, when in bloom, is laden with long, pendulous clusters of golden pea-shaped flowers, similar in shape to those of the Robinia, or Acacia. It is exceedingly rich and beautiful when in bloom, the last of May and June; grows from ten to thirty feet high.

The Purple-flowering Laburnum, C. purpurea, has dull-purple flowers; grows three feet high.

C. leucanthus has cream-colored flowers; four feet high. The Golden Chain is the most desirable of all the species or varieties.

There are many other fine species and varieties, of which some of them are low shrubs; all ornamental.