Dracocephalum, from Greek words signifying a dragon's head, because the flowers are fancied to resemble a dragon's head. Most of the species are hardy perennials, easily propagated from divisions of the root, and worthy of a place in the garden.

D. Virginicum is a beautiful plant, producing its flowers in dense, one-sided clusters, or spikes, of a purplish color, on stems three feet high, from July to September.

D. dentatmn, - Dentated-leaved Dragon's-Head, - resembles the last, but of a more dwarf habit; two feet high; flowers pink, in July and August.

D. variegatum. - Variegated Dragon's-head. - Flowers pink, variegated with darker shades.

D. speciosum. - Showy Dragon's-Head. - Pink flowers, in July and August; three feet high; a native of Siberia.

D. Sibericum. - Siberian Dragon's-Head. - One foot high, from Siberia, with light-blue flowers, in July and August.