Mathiola incana, annua, etc. - Stock Gillyflower. - This old-fashioned standard garden-flower has been very much improved in all the sections of its interesting family.

M. incana is found in two divisions; one with hoary, and one with smooth leaves, and these with flowers of every shade, from straw color to pure white and crimson, and crimson, violet, and purple. This is the Brompton, or biennial stock, and flowers in the winter or spring, after sowing the seed If the seed is of good quality, at least half of the plants will produce double flowers, often more.

M. annua, or Ten Weeks' Stock, is annual, flowers in July, August, and September; no less than thirty-six varieties, including wall or smooth and rough leaf plants, with all the colors and shades of the Brompton.

M. autumnalis, intermediate or fall flowering, is one of the finest of the family, producing very large double and single flowers, of the same character of the biennials, with as many varieties of shade and color in the flowers.

M. perennis. - Perennial Stock. - This section of the family has the same characteristics as the other, except they will continue to flower year after year; but neither this nor the Brompton Will stand a New England winter, and are cultivated only as green-house or parlor plants.

The new large Emperor and new large flowering stocks, are improved varieties of the Gillyflower, suitable for green-house cultivation. The improved German stocks are imported and sold in packages, as follows :

Ten weeks' stock, in 12 best varieties. Autumnal do. 12 do. do. Brompton do. 10 do. do. New large flowering, 6 do. do. Emperor, 5 do. do.

There are also packages of thirty-six varieties of Ten Weeks' Stock, and more in packages of other varieties, but many of the colors and shades have so much resemblance, that the above collections embrace all a florist would desire.

There are florists in Germany, who devote their whole time in hybridizing and improving the Gillyflower. Seed from such sources will be sure to give satisfaction.