Mirabilis Jalapa. - Four 0'clocks. - Belle de nuit. - Every one, almost, is acquainted with the white, purple, yellow and redstriped varieties of the Four O'clocks. The long-flowered (Mira-hills longiflora), sweet-scented, is also well known, but is not so common as the first-named. The hybridization of these varieties with each other through the long-flowered, has brought forth new varieties most remarkably and singularly colored. The same plant, and even the same branch, produces very different flowers, sometimes of one color only, and others striped; in some of the rarer varieties, that are distinguished by the elongated tube of the flower, are recognized the traits of the Mirabilis longifiora. These produce but very few seeds, and yet they give us two perfectly distinct kinds, which is a very remarkable, and, perhaps, an exceptional example of the fruitful products obtained by hybridization. Their cultivation is not different from the common varieties; they are multiplied by seeds, or by the roots,* that are tuberous, like those of the Dahlia, and "which offer the same resources for increasing and preserving the several varieties. Among other names already mentioned for this admirable flower, it is known as World's Wonder, Evening Beauty, Afternoon Ladies, etc.