"And the poppies red, On their wistful bed, Turn up their dark blue eyes to thee."

Papaver rkaeas. - Corn Poppy, or African Rose. - The specific name is from Greek, signifying to flow or fall, in allusion to the quickly perishable nature of the flowers. It is a common weed among grain on gravelly soils in England; but, in its double and semi-double varieties, it is one of the handsomest of garden annuals; sporting in a thousand different varieties of scarlet, crimson, purple, pink, white, variegated, and parti colored flowers, and continuing all the summer in bloom. It is frequently known by the name of the African Rose. The odor of the flower renders it unpopular; nothing can exceed the beauty and delicacy of the flower.

P. somniferum. - Opium Poppy. - The true Opium Poppy has very large capsules The flowers are white, of extra size. Another variety has dull-purple flowers. The double varieties are handsome, and, were it not for their bad odor and sleepy properties, would be more highly appreciated in the flower-garden. A bed of full double Poppies, of scarlet, crimson, purple, white and variegated, makes a grand show.

Picotee Poppies are improved varieties with white flowers, spotted or splashed with crimson or scarlet, and very hand-some. All the varieties are easily cultivated. None of them can be transplanted with success.'