"A tuft of Evening Primroses, O'er which the wind may hover till it dozes;

O'er which it well might take a pleasant sleep, But it is ever startled by the leap Of buds into ripe flowers."

A family of plants which open their blossoms as dew begins to fall, and generally handsome border flowers. O. Lindleyuna and others have been separated from this genus, and now classed with Godetias.

O. grandijlora, - Great-flowered Evening Primrose, - is a handsome border annual, with yellow flowers, from July to October. Four feet high. A native of North America.

O. noclurna. - Night-smelling Primrose. - An elegant half-hardy biennial from the Cape of Good Hope. Flowers profusely the first season, and may be considered and treated in open air culture as a hardy annual, having a succession of yellow flowers from July to October. Two feet high.

O. tetraptera. - White-flowered Evening Primrose. - A very beautiful prostrate-growing, hardy annual from Mexico. One foot high, with a succession of pure white flowers from July to September, which make their appearance after the sun has descended the horizon, and perish before it rises in the morning.

O. longiflora, an elegant biennial, if the roots can be preserved through the winter; but generally cultivated as an annual, with uncommonly large and showy yellow flowers from July to October. A native of Buenos Ayres. Three feet high.