Tagetes patula. - French Marigold. - A well-known tender annual; one of the old-fashioned flowers; deservedly popular, from the brilliancy and variegation of its flowers.

Some of the improved varieties are exceedingly beautiful, particularly the fine variegated sorts, of a rich velvety brown and yellow, distinctly striped or shaded with brown on yellow ground. All the varieties of this and the following species are prone to degenerate, even when the seed is saved from the most perfect flowers; great care must therefore be taken to pull up every plant with single or inferior flowers as soon as it appears.

Tagetes erecta. - African Marigold. - The large double varieties of this species are very rich. The colors from a pale citron-yellow to deep orange.

There are also varieties intermediate between T. patula and this species, which are also very fine. The seed may be sown any time in May. The plants should be transplanted, when large enough, into patches of five or six plants each; all inferior sorts should be pulled up as soon as the flowers appear; one plant being sufficient for one place, which, if tied up to a stick and trimmed occasionally, will give good satisfaction; flowering from July till the frost kills it in autumn.