Thunbergia alata. - Winged-petioled Thunbergia. - Hand-some climbing green-house perennial, but succeeds well as an annual, from seed sown in the open ground the last of May, growing five or six feet high, with numerous buff-colored flowers, with dark throat, from July to October.

Thunbergia alata, var. alba. - White-flowered, winged-petioled Thunbergia. - This is a very showy variety of T. alata, differing in no respect except color. The plant is highly ornamental, and, being easily multiplied by cuttings, it has already become common. Like the other variety it is often treated as a stove plant, but it succeeds better in the conservatory or greenhouse, and, if planted in a warm, sunny border, it will grow and blossom freely during the summer months. A soil composed of peat and loam is that which suits it best.

The genus was dedicated by the younger Linnaeus to his friend and successor, Thunberg, an indefatigable botanical traveller.

Thunbergia alata, var. aurantica. - Orangerflowered. - This is another beautiful variety, requiring the same treatment. Plants forwarded in pots, in a frame, succeed better than those sown in the open ground. There are other improved varieties, all fine. The plants throw out many lateral branches, and will require training to a trellis or frame-work.