Nasturtium - Indian Cress.

Tropaeolum, from tropaeum, a trophy. - The leaf resembles a buckler, and the flower an empty helmet, of which trophies were formed.

Tropaeoium peregrinum. - Canary Bird flower. - This is a beautiful climber, known as the Canary Bird flower. The charming little canary-colored blossoms, when half expanded, have a pretty and fanciful likeness to little birds. The plant, like the type of the genus, has a fine, luxuriant, rambling character. It succeeds best in a light soil. If the seeds are planted in April or May, by the side of a trellis or arbor, they will soon cover considerable space, and produce its curious, lively flowers from July till the severe frosts of autumn destroy it. In rich, heavy soil it runs very much to vine, and produces its flowers very sparingly. The foliage is similar to the common species, but much more delicate.

Tropceolum majus. - Nasturtium. - This is a well known ornamental annual, of easy cultivation. It flowers best in a light soil. It looks well trained to a trellis, or over a wall. The flowers are rich orange, shaded with crimson and various colors; the variety with crimson or blood-colored flowers makes a fine contrast with the orange. The seeds are used as a substitute for capers, and the flowers sometimes eaten as salads.