An insignificant plant, except that it grows on the sides of bare, red rocks or head-downward on the under side of overhanging ledges, apparently needing little or no soil, and is therefore noticeable. It forms round clumps, one or two feet across, with many-slender stems, about six inches high, small, pale yellowish-green, roughish leaves, and small yellow flower-heads, without rays. This is rare and grows in the Grand Canyon. There are several kinds of Grindelia, common in the West, recommended as a remedy for Poison Oak.

Laphamia. biseiosa. Gum Plant  Grindelia, latifolia. Arrow leaf Balsam root Balsamorrhiza sagittata

Laphamia. biseiosa. Gum Plant- Grindelia, latifolia. Arrow-leaf Balsam-root-Balsamorrhiza sagittata. SUNFLOWER FAMILY. Compositae.