This is a slender plant, from six inches to two feet tall, with pale gray-green, woolly leaves, the lower ones somewhat toothed, and pale pinkish-lilac flowers, not very conspicuous in themselves, but sometimes growing in such quantities that they form pretty patches of soft pinkish color in sandy places. The flower-head is about half an inch long, with no rays, but the outer flowers in the head are larger and have long lobes resembling rays. This is very variable, especially in size, and is common along dry roadsides and quite abundant in Yosemite, The picture is of a small plant. L. Germanorum, which is common on sandy hills along the coast from San Francisco to San Diego, has yellow flowers and blooms in autumn.

Venegasia. V. carpesioides. Sunshine  Baeria gracilis

Venegasia.-V. carpesioides. Sunshine- Baeria gracilis. SUNFLOWER FAMILY. Compositae.