This beautiful aquatic is found in scattered localities from Ontario to Florida, and westward, during July and August. The large, showy fragrant flower is from four to ten inches broad, pale yellow in colour, and slightly resembling a double tulip, with numerous petals and stamens inserted on the calyx. The concave and pointed petals are arranged in several rows, and they graduate into stamens. The large, round, slightly hollowed leaves generally rise high above the water, and are often two feet broad. They assume a peculiar bluish green as the season advances, and are strongly ribbed, smooth above and hairy beneath. The thick, stout stem has several large air canals, and the rootstock is thick and nearly horizontal. The seed case reminds one of the sprinkling nozzle of a watering pot. It is held erect, and its surface is indented with little pockets containing the small, round, nut-like seeds. The root tubers and seeds are edible. This plant is especially common in the Central States, near the Great Lakes.