One of our most attractive, early flowering and common blue Asters, frequenting dry, open places from August to October, and ranging from Maine and Minnesota to Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. The slender leafy stalk is rough and widely branching. It grows from one to three feet high, and is often stained with purple. The long, lance-shaped leaves are rather thick and rigid, and they are decidedly heart-shaped at the base where they partly clasp the stalk. Their margins and upper surfaces are rough. The solitary flowers are an inch or more broad, and they crown the tips of the spreading branches. Twenty or thirty showy rays of a deep rich violet surround the yellow, purple-stained centre of disc flowers which are set in pleasing green cups of overlapping parts. The rays close inward with recurved tips at night, and when they finally fade, they assume the same position, and incidentally give an untidy appearance to the otherwise neat and trim flowering top.