Evening primrose.


Pale yellow.




Eastern Long Island.

Time of Bloom


Flowers: on long pedicels in loose corymb-like clusters. Calyx: with a long tube and four lobes. Corolla: of four rounded petals. Stamens: eight with long versatile anthers. Pistil: one; stigma, four-branched. Leaves: alternate; lanceolate. Stem: branched; leafy; somewhat rough. Pods: cucumber-shaped; four angled at the top.

An open dry place that is brightened by clusters of these flowers appears as though the sun were dancing among the green leaves of the plant. The blossoms are slightly deeper in colour than those of the evening primrose and remain open in the sunshine. Probably they do not depend upon the pink night moth for fertilization as they are without the fragrance that attracts him to the evening primrose. They are very perishable and droop shortly after being picked.

Allen s Sundrops Kneiffia Alleni 215