(Plate CXL.)


Evening primrose.


White or pink.




Nebraska southward and westward.

Time of Bloom

June, July.

Flowers: large; one and a half to five inches broad; terminal; solitary. Calyx: with four linear sepals. Corolla: with four obcordate, spreading petals. Stamens: eight, with linear anthers. Pistil: one; stigma, four-cleft, fruit: growing in a cluster at the base. Leaves; from the base; lanceolate; tapering into a slender petiole; pubescent. Flower-stalks: ciliate, or beset with white hairs.

It is owing to the growth of the fruit of this superb flower that it has been separated from the nothera division of the primrose family, and no longer bears the name of nothera marginata, as it did at one time. The plant from which the illustration was drawn was a particularly well developed and perfect specimen. The blossoms were fully five inches in diameter. Near the Blue Mountains and about the Salmon Falls of the Snake River, they unfold generously their silken petals.