(Plate XCI.)




Flesh colour.




Georgia northward.

Time of Bloom


Flowers: growing in many-flowered, compact cymes. Calyx: of four or five sepals. Corolla: of four or five lanceolate, or linear petals. Stamens: ten. Pistils: five. Leaves: alternate; obovate; entire; the lower ones tapering into a petiole; the upper ones sessile. Stem: erect; leafy; branching.

In common with its relative of the garden, which was so cherished by our grandmothers and so disliked by the farmers, the wild orpine is almost indestructable. The price of land enters very little into the calculations of the garden variety and it has imbibed, perhaps from the farmer, the love of owning all adjoining territory. It is very difficult of extermination, as it lives more by its leaves and stalks than by its roots. The wild variety, however, chooses mostly to cover rocks on high hills, which property we do not begrudge it, as the bloom is extremely fresh and pretty, and so it saves itself from the reputation of beinp a troublesome weed.