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Mts. of Virginia to Alabama.

Time of Bloom

April, May.

Flowers; sessile and scattered along the recurved branches of the cyme. Calyx: of five linear sepals. Corolla: of five petals. Stamens: ten, shorter than the petals, with brownish, purple anthers. Pistils: five. Leavest those of the stem, alternate; linear; scattered; those about the base, obovate, forming a rosette; glabrous.

The dear houseleek has not come down to us through the ages with only a thought of its own pleasure. It has ever had it in mind to assuage the ills of mankind. Nosebleed is arrested when a few of the bruised leaves are laid upon the crown of the head; and if applied to the temples severe headaches are greatly soothed. It'is also excellent to relieve the stings of insects. In a prim little manner it may be found sitting upon the top of rocks in warm, exposed places, where the sun can pour down upon it as generously as it pleases.

Nevins s Stone Crop Houseleek Sedum Nevii 165