Greenish white.





Time of Bloom

August, September.

Flower-heads: very small; tubular, growing in large, dense corymbs. Leaves: opposite; united at the base about the stem; lanceolate; rough; netted-veined and serrated. Stem: four to rive feet high; branching; leafy; very hairy.

When in full blow the protruding stamens from these innumerable little flowers give a fluffy look to boneset that, greatly adds to its rather slight claim to beauty. Perhaps the knowing insects have the same faith in its efficacy for healing as was believed in by the good old herb doctors, as they manage almost every season to devour the leaves so that they are left simply fibrous net-works.

Boneset is, as it has always been, a staunch friend to frail humanity, and a well-prepared decoction of the dried herb causes new vigour to flow through the veins of many a drooping mortal.

Boneset taffy is very good, much better to taste, in fact, than boneset tea.