(Plate CLXIII.)




White, or pinkish.


Leaves, strongly scented.



Time of Bloom


Flower-heads: growing in compound corymbs and composed of both ray and disk flowers. The rays four or five, square and three-cleft at the apex; the disk dingy white. Leaves: alternate; twice divided into fine segments. Stem: very leafy; angled; much branched;.at the top.

It is fortunate that the milfoil is attributed with so many virtues and has the sanction of the great Achilles, whose name it bears, and who is said to have discovered its healing properties, and to have employed them for the benefit of his soldiers; for certainly it is not pretty. That is, we think it is not pretty when we see it along the roadside. Placed under a microscope, however, it is astonishing the amount of beauty it reveals. In some parts of England it is still used for weaving bridal wreaths and has been thus celebrated in flower-lore.

Common Yarrow Milfoil Achillea Millefolium 238

"Thou pretty nest of Venus' tree, Thy true name it is yarrow, Now who thy bosom friend must be, Pray tell thou me to-morrow."