New York to Florida.

Time of Bloom


Flowers: terminal; solitary; irregular; growing from an upper spathe-like leaf. Calyx: unequal; the larger sepals being united. Corolla: of three unequal petals; one very inconspicuous. Stamens: six; both sterile and fertile; three of which project beyond the petals. Pistil: one. Leaves: lanceolate; contracted at the base; becoming spathe-like as they approach the flower. Stem: branching; smooth. Juice: mucilaginous.

The day flower is exactly what one would suppose to be a happy, innocent blossom. Its blue is so pure and it remains with us for such a short time that it is not affected by the levity and frivolity of the world. For just one day it opens its bright countenance to the sunshine, when its work in life is done and its petals most curiously melt into a sort of jelly, where we can no longer follow their doings.

Common Day Flower Commelina Virginica 127