(Plate LVI.)








Penn. southward and westward.

Time Of Bloom

August, September.

Flowers: terminal; solitary; irregular; growing from an upper spathe-like leaf. Calyx: unequal; the larger sepals being united. Corolla: of three unequal petals; one very inconspicuous. Perfect stamens: three; one incurved with large anther. Sterile stamens: three; small. Pistil: one. Leaves: alternate: lanceolate; clasping. Stem: erect; leafy.

In the generic name of the day flowers, Linnaeus has perpetrated a scathing invective on all that are so unwise as to be indifferent to the claims of botany. Of the three Commelyn brothers, who were Dutch botanists, two were very scientific and published works on the subject. They are designated by the two large petals of the flowers. The third brother was less studious and published nothing. It has been his fate to be ever afterwards associated with the small, insignificant petal.