(Plate LXXXI.)




White and green.




Rather general.

Time of Bloom

May, June.

Flowers: tiny; perfect; green; growing in a cluster and surrounded by a showy involucre of four obcordate petal-like bracts, notched at the apex. Leaves: elliptical; netted-veined; simple; glabrous. A shrub or tree twelve to twenty feet high; woody; branching; leafy.

Almost too well known to need any description is this shrub or tree. Like the little bunch-berry it is provided with a beautiful white involucre and it can be seen at a great distance. Hardly any one of our shrubs contributes more to the beauty of the spring woods.

The pity is that when at the height of its bloom it is so often stripped of its flowers, and great branches of it are broken off by ruthless hands that seem to be quite ignorant of the harm they are doing.

Its home is in the rocky woods, and according to the tradition of the people, it blooms just at the proper time for planting Indian corn.