Reddish purple.




Mostly north.

Time of Bloom


Flowers; terminal; solitary; slightly inclined to be nodding. Perianth; of three green, pointed sepals and three large, recurved petals. Stamens; six. Pistil: one, having three stigmas. Fruit: a large, angled, red berry. Leaves; broad; ovate; netted-veined; whorled in threes on the flower-stalks a little below the flower. Stem: stout; simple; smooth. Rootstock: tuberous.

In the early spring this beautiful young creature begins its career in the woods. We cannot, however, be very sympathetic with it, in spite of its good looks, as it repels us by its almost fetid odour. Its common name, also, while pretty, is rather deceptive. The plant does not wake the robins, because they have been chirping and hopping about on lawns long before the flower came into bloom; and they are not especially fond of the dark woods that the trillium loves best. So altogether we are inclined to believe that the plant has too great an idea of its own importance, and that it does not possess the innate qualities of virtue which it would have us believe.