(Plate LXXIV)


Lily-of-the- vaIley.


White, veined with crimson and purple.




Following the Alleghany Mountains to Georgia.

Time of Bloom


Flowers: terminal; solitary. Perianth: of three green sepals and three white, pointed petals. Stamens: six. Pistil: one, with three curving stigmas. Fruit: a beautiful, ovate, rather angled, red berry, an inch and a quarter in length. Leaves: large; ovate; triple-veined; in whorls of three on the stem, at times almost hiding the flower. Stem: brownish at the top. Roots: poisonous.

Perhaps the most delicately beautiful member of the family is the painted trillium; although the marking of the white, or pink petals with wine colour has given rise to the suspicion that the fair lady paints her face. The name, however, is no doubt an injustice, as her nature is shy, and she hides herself in the cool, moist woods.

Painted Trillium Trillium undulatum 146Painted Trillium Trillium undulatum 147

In the south there is a sessile trillium which has lemon-coloured petals and a delicious fragrance.