Flesh colou, tinged with crimson; green centre.




Northeast to Ga., westward to the Pacific.

Time of Bloom

June, July.

Flowers; nodding; usually three in a loose cluster. Calyx: of five green lobes. Corolla: of five round, concave petals with a crimson ring of colour at the base. Stamens: ten, with violet anthers. Pistil: one; stigma, five-rayed. Leaves: numerous, whorled, or scattered along the stem; lanceolate; toothed; evergreen. Stem: about six inches high.

In a crowd we might easily pass by the pipsissewa, but once having turned aside to look at it, we should be sure to linger for a better acquaintance. It is one of the prettiest of the fragile blossoms that grow in the open woods. The name pipsissewa is also full of charm and conjures up all the romance that has ever clustered about the red man. He knew undoubtedly of the plant's medicinal properties.

C. metadata, Plate CVII, is a species of pipsissewa that grows abundantly in Eastern North America and is commonly called spotted pipsissewa. It blooms a little earlier in the season than the preceding variety and if possible is a sweeter flower. The leaves are lined beautifully with white. It is also fragrant.