White or pink veinedwith a deeper shade.




New England south' ward to Georgia and westward.

Time of Bloom


Flowers: a few growing in loose, terminal racemes. Calyx: of two ovate sepals. Corolla: of five petals, slightly united at the base. Stamens: five. Pistil: one; style, three-lobed. Leaves: opposite; linear; narrowing into a petiole and varying greatly in breadth. Stem: erect or reclining; rarely branched. Root: tuberous.

We should never be tired of reminding ourselves that plants are not all formed after the same plan. They are as human beings, and we seldom find among them one that has not some interesting characteristic. Although general laws may be said to govern them, again as the animal world they defy any law that interferes with their individuality.

Spring Beauty Claytbnia Virginica 182

The spring beauty is familiar to many of us and as we recall it to the mind we connect with it a shrinking type of loveliness. Were it not for its delicate venation we would almost confuse it with the anemone. In woods, often by running streams, and in exposed places it blooms abundantly. It is a child of the sun and closes in cloudy weather.