Pinkish purple.





Time of Bloom


Flowers: small; growing in clusters of threes in a compact, terminal spike among leafy bracts. Calyx: two-lipped; the upper lip with three small teeth;

the lower one two-cleft. Corolla: two-lipped; the standard large and overshadowing the other petals; the lower lip, three-clett. Stamens: four. Pistil: one; style, two-lobed. Leaves: opposite; on petioles; oblong; smooth; veined. Stem: six inches high; four-angled.

How grateful the little self-heal must feel to the soft rain that falls upon it when thirsty and dusty it tries to maintain its reputation for cheeriness along the roadsides. And what a wonderful transformation we see in the plant after it has been so refreshed. But few flowers bloom at the same time in the leafy spike and when examined separately they are found to be very pretty.

The common name of the plant refers to the kindly interest it has always taken in the ills of mankind. It is a lover of the people. Labourers apply it freely to their wounds and it has been used as a never-failing cure for quinsy.